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What Others Say?

I did a 21-day mediation with Babita and it was an enlightening experience. Babita is full of light, joy, wisdom, and grace! “
Thank you!


Working with Babita is JOYFUL! I’ve been studying Reiki and Meditation with her. Babita’s commitment to being in service to love and transformation creates miracles every day… with grace and gratitude.

Paula B - North Carolina USA

It was excellent experience with Mrs Babita ji as reiki guru who helped me with ease and boosting my confidence whenever I needed the most.I really acknowledge motivational and healing skill of Babita ji and thank her from bottom of my heart for guiding me to know myself.

Seema Dhankhar

In the last 30 plus years, I have attended numerous retreats and sessions for personal development. While each experience has been valuable, the genuine love and care I have encountered with Dr. Priti and Babita are humbling.
Both Priti and Babita are delightful and inspiring to work with. The shifts I have experienced in my outlook have been profound.I would recommend Dr. Priti and Babita for meditations, hypnosis and Karuna Reiki.

Neerja Bhatia

I started my journey of spiritual understanding in 2017 . I got a chance to learn Reiki with Babita ji and Dr Priti in May 2021 . It was indeed a very comfortable experience with clear and simplistic understanding . I went on to learn the second level and Angel reiki . I am very happy with application of these in my life . Most importantly I cannot forget the care and concern Babita ji showed during my month long illness . Apart from sending Reiki she motivated me and helped me come out of my illness with ease . I am thankful to both of them for being my Reiki gurus ??

Mansi Malik

Mrs Babita as a reiki guru helped me overcome my weakness and boost my confidence. I left highly relaxed and grounded after my first session with her. I really enjoyed? my Reiki session with Mrs Babita and feeling much better since my second session. She has such a calming presence and make me mentally, emotional and physical strong.

Your outlook on life is amazing. I love ?the way you bring out the best in me. You are a gift to everyone you meet. I enjoy spending time with you. I really appreciate your help. Thank you?

Sunita Sri Ram

It was such a warm experience to have a session with Babita Ji. The session uncovered so many sides of me which i was not aware of and had it in my sub concious mind. She helps to see the life with new colors. Thank you ?

Upasna Khanna

It’s the feeling of calm that gets all the right nerves going. To experience that feeling please visit Mrs Babita . It helped me attain a certain sense of calm.
Positive energy and a feeling of calm are just few things but there is a lot more to learn is why I’m continuing the healing.

To learn ANYTHING we need to believe in OURSELF and the PROCESS. Nishbad healing will help you through the process of getting to know your self just a little better.
The feeling of getting to know yourself is said to be most pleasurable.

I have had an amazing experience with her and alot of people around me as well.
Love the enthusiasm and authenticity and the fact that we never stop learning.

Ananya Kajla