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Our Womb – A super source of power and energy that brings out wisdom, elegance and insight for us, women. Like a personal and guarded secret that we bear inside us, she guides us and inspires us.

The more you get to know your womb, the more you realize how much potential every woman has inside this powerful part of her body. In our womb lies our intuition, creativity, and innate power as a woman. The womb is all that makes us women; all divine, all sacred, all spiritual.

What is Womb Healing?

Womb healing is a deeply powerful work that empowers any woman who is ready to connect to herself on deep levels and awaken deep aspects of herself to allow her to heal and awaken to her Divine Feminine power.

As children, we inherit traumas and blocks from our mothers; her emotions, experiences and pain are passed on to us if they are not resolved. It can manifest itself in low self-worth, feeling unwanted, feeling unsupported, anxiety, fear, lack, and much more. Until we step in and make a decision to heal, we will continue to experience her experiences, which unknowingly influence us in life.

The traumatic experiences that we endure add another layer of negative emotions that weigh us down more than before. When we are blocked by trauma, it is comparable to being shut inside a container with no way out. The search for an escape route only causes us to slide back down again. We wish we could climb out and find ourselves, but we can’t. Womb healing is more like discovering a path which opens out onto a beautiful day where you can breathe in the beauty of life.

Womb healing strengthens the connection to our sexuality, sensuality, and our ability to receive love and embrace pleasure. Our wombs create, hold, and birth life. Our wombs also create, hold, and birth our dreams, creative projects, and connection to the infinite source of power and wisdom within us. By harnessing our inner divine energy, womb healing allows us to build a stronger connection with our innermost essence.

Who is Womb Healing For?

When we hear the word “womb,” we immediately think of a female reproductive organ, more specifically the uterus. You may not realize this, but the Womb isn’t only a physical organ. In fact, it encompasses the entire energetic field of that region.

Womb space can act as a storage space for emotions. We store here the energetic imprints of past relationships, lovers, emotional memories, and traumas. We can retain these imprints in our subconscious, creating energetic blocks in the womb.

The Womb Healing process restores your womb to its original innocent state. Using intuitive healing techniques combined with energy work, bodywork, diet, herbs, and lifestyle medicine can help heal trauma and emotional blockages from the womb, as well as past imprints from previous relationships. A Womb Healing session can dissolve energy cords of attachment, and help support emotional healing after miscarriages, stillbirths, or abortions.

Womb Healing is a profoundly transformative process that may be used to heal ancestral wounds that have existed for thousands of years.

Benefits of Womb Healing 

  • Release all blocked energies in your womb 
  • Rebalancing your menstrual cycle
  • Release & Heal your past traumas 
  • Restore mental and emotional health 
  • Heal from the collective ancestral trauma 
  • Reconnect to your sexual pleasures 
  • Building new relationships
  • Open Your Creative Angle
  • Accelerate your manifestation skills

What to Expect in A Womb Healing Session?

Each journey is personal and unique to what blocks of the sacral you are currently working through at the time. Sessions are nurturing and deeply relaxing. Prepare to enter the deep Feminine Consciousness! 

Sessions May Include

  • Guided Therapy
  • Breathwork
  • Guided Journey meditation
  • Crystal womb grid
  • Floral water bath
  • Sacred toning & Sound meditation
  • Anointing with essential oils
  • Ceremony of Release

Want some support? Get started by downloading your FREE Ritual For Womb Healing PDF to learn what little things you can do right now to heal your womb. And to get the support you deserve, connect with us at Nishabd Healing to bring back that spark you’ve been waiting for.



I can only ever go as deep as a person allows me to go, so if someone comes in and their mind is really closed to it or they are scared, even if they are subconsciously closed they are closed to me, it’s like their door is closed. I can still move things and get things up, but I can’t go as deeply and move as much as if they are open to it. 


You can book your session on your preferred day and time by connecting with me.


The sessions can take place over a zoom call and offline in my Gurgaon studio also. 


For Online sessions – In order for the sessions to work optimally, you will need to find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Make sure you have a good internet connection as well.