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It could be that you are familiar with what Reiki healing is all about but somehow you have not paid attention to know all that has to be known about it.


You don’t even know anything at all about Reiki healing. It’s okay not to know. I mean there is a lot of information out there and people are already suffering from information overload.

However, this piece of content is not going to be one of the overloads but rather very useful.
If you are a little bit more patient, you will discover exciting things about Reiki healing and its benefits.

Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words ‘Rei’ and ‘ki’ which respectively mean and the essential life force energy that flows through all living things.
Mikao Usui initiated and developed Reiki as dated back in the 1900s.

Let me now tell you what Reiki healing is.

What is Reiki healing and its benefits?

Reiki healing takes a natural approach and it is one of the components of Nishabd healing that deploys an energy healing technique that fosters relaxation and reduces anxiety and stress via tender touch.

It has been proven that Reiki healing produces amazing results through energy transfer, tender touch and a positive mindset.

Since Reiki healing involves an energy transfer technique, don’t you think you deserve to know how this energy is being transferred?
Don’t worry, I will tell you for FREE!
I know you might be saying in your heart already whether you are even supposed to pay in the first place before telling you.

You are my friend and I can’t charge you for the information. ?
I perceive again that you are wondering how you have become my friend just like that without even knowing me.

The fact that you brought out your precious time to read this article is enough to place you on the list of my digital friends.
So, I hope you have accepted me as your friend?

I know it’s a YES and for accepting me, let me tell you what I promised right away.

The Reiki practitioners make use of their hands to supply energy to your body thereby boosting the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.

Whatever be it the reason to take on the approach of Reiki healing, be it for developing oneself spiritually, emotional trauma healing or energy level balancing, Reiki healing is worth every process of it.

To prove the last line of the sentence I just made, let’s look at the benefits of Reiki healing so you see for yourself.

Wait a minute, something important almost skipped my memory.

Let me tell you right away before we talk about the benefits. Before you start Reiki, you have to note down some principles that will guide you.

What are the Reiki principles?

Just like other natural healing approaches and spiritual practices, Reiki is anchored on some set of principles.

The concept of these principles can be likened to affirmations.
These principles guide and help you to connect with your Reiki energy which enhances your well-being in different ways.

The 5 Reiki principles are listed below;

1) Just for today, I am grateful:
Being grateful for the good things in your life helps you maintain positive energy.

2) Just for today, do not worry:
Worrying over things you don’t have control over will only introduce negative energy and vibe to your system.
However, with Reiki, positive energy can be transferred which helps you maintain a balance from the inside.

3) Just for today, do not be angry:
It’s only normal for you to be angry because you are human.
However, you need to understand that anger doesn’t majorly come from external events, rather it resonates from the anger energy within.
This Reiki principle helps you to get rid of this bad energy (anger) and encourages you to let go of anger or anything that will bring bad energy to you and allow happiness to be your lifestyle.

4) Just for today, be humble:
Every time, you do something great, your ego tends to display to its peak. That’s evidence that you are human but you should not anchor on it to be living a proud life. You have to control the ego.
Reiki encourages one to maintain a humble life pattern.

5) Just for today, be honest:
One of the challenging yet highly rewarding things to do is, to be honest with yourself and others.
When you are real, people will want to work with you.
If you decide today to start being honest, it makes you more focused and you begin to take one step at a time to achieve great things.

Yeah, we are done with the principles, let’s get back to reiki healing and its benefits, we’ve understood its principles, and now let’s see how reiki healing can impart a big role in our life.

8 benefits of Reiki healing

8 benefits of reiki healing, reiki healing and its benefits

These 8 benefits of Reiki healing that I will show you now would make you want to try Reiki healing. And of course, my advice is for you to go ahead and give it a trial. You will surely come back to thank me.
Those benefits are;

1) It enhances the healing ability of the body:
Reiki helps your body internally to get to its natural state at all levels.
One amazing thing about Reiki is that it tackles all the problems in your body at once. It doesn’t just attack a specific problem. Isn’t that superb? Sure, it is.

2) Reiki enhances the immune system and helps to remove every toxin in the body.
Reiki’s approach takes the body into a repair and self-healing state. Once this state is triggered, your body starts to cleanse itself of unwanted energies. The Reiki technique helps the body protect itself from immune system failure, burnout and exhaustion.

3) Promotion of balance and harmony:
The energy transferred to the body through Reiki’s non-invasive approach helps to; improve the overall wellness of the body system, restore the mind, soul and spirit and as well create a balance. This balance helps individuals to maintain a positive lifestyle.

4) Reiki breaks down the energy blocks which helps to create a balance between the spirit, body and mind:
As the energy blocks are broken down, it enhances mental clarity, physical healing, learning and memory.
Reiki introduces positive energy to the body through the energy passageways. This positive energy will make you stay out of mood swings, fear and pain

5) Improves focus and clears the mind:
When you practise reiki, you will always live in the present. It helps you get rid of the past and negative vibes that tend to interrupt the positive happenings in your life.
You will find it a bit easier to respond to life events in a positive way even when they seem not fair.

6) Reiki enhances spiritual growth and emotional cleansing:
Reiki does not just only affect the physical being of a person rather, it also has a positive effect on the soul, body and mind.

7) Relaxation and the release of tension from the body:
When you engage in Reiki, your body relaxes and eases off from stress.
The energy that Reiki transfers to the body help one to connect with his inner self.

8) Reiki enhances sleep:
When your body relaxes and gets rid of toxins as a result of reiki session(s), you will surely experience a good sleep.

This article is not exhaustive information about Reiki healing. Hence, the reason I will strongly recommend that you keep an eye on our blog for more educating and amazing updates.

In conclusion, I want to appreciate you for taking out time to read through this piece about reiki healing and its benefits. I believe it’s worth it.
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