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Nishabd Healing may sound strange to you but not to worry because this content explains what it means.

Ensure to read till the end.

What kind of healing could Nishabd Healing be?

What could be involved in Nishabd Healing process?

Is Nishabd Healing highly recommended?

All these and many more questions that capture your thoughts would be answered as you read through this piece of content.

Firstly, hold on to this as you explore;

Everyone is a healer by default.

This means that whatever kind of healing approach one takes with Nishabd healing not being an exception, the individual involved is a key player to the healing process.

What kind of healing could Nishabd healing be?

Nishabd is a Hindi word that means wordless which is likened to quietness or silence.

Healing is simply a process of becoming sound health-wise. Such a process is therapeutic by association.

Combining the two words Nishabd and healing will give its literal meaning to be the process of becoming sound health-wise where quietness as a factor plays a role.

For a better understanding, the word quietness or wordless or silence is not just taken in the literal sense rather one has to associate it as a success element to the key factor involved in Nishabd healing.

Hold on a bit, this will be explained in a jiffy.

Nishabd Healing brings together the power of different therapy into one.

Most importantly, the power of any therapy first starts from the mind of the person involved and such a mind needs to be wordless.

Wordless in the sense that it is void of words that negate the healing process.

Hope you now understand what was said earlier that ‘wordless’ is a success element to the key factor involved in Nishabd healing.

Moreover, conventional therapy uses therapeutic activities and approaches geared towards improving health and well-being in its totality.

This therapy anchors on assisting individuals analytically understand their past in a bid to make progress in the process.

However, Nishabd healing goes further to helping individuals in the pursuit of their goals and future leveraging conscious and subconscious tools developed during the healing process to create behavioural shifts that align with making their pursuit a reality.

Nishabd healing and different therapy:

It was already established in the previous paragraph that Nishabd healing involves a combination of the power of different therapy.

Let’s explore the different therapy you should know.

Past Life Regression Therapy:

Past Life Regression Therapy

This is a kind of therapy in which its therapeutic activities are geared towards connecting one to his past.

Past Life Regression Therapy requires one to be in a relaxed meditative state to enable one to think through and recall the past life they’ve lived by hearing, feeling and seeing.

You may be thinking of how it works. Let’s find out.

How does Past Life Regression Work?

It begins with the therapist asking the client to list out his painful experience(s), fear, hurt or whatever that will help the therapist to rightly address the needs of the client.

These questions could also be to help the client figure out his life purpose if that is the case for the client.

The therapist helps them to be in control over their experience and when this is achieved, it is huge progress.

For the client to plunge into their past, the therapist uses relaxation techniques and breathwork to guide the client through a hypnotic state.

The sole aim of Past Life Regression Therapy is to help individuals dig into their past life, leverage it to make a better life.

Is Past Life Regression Therapy Good for You?

An individual who is yet to record a successful pregnancy, battling with unknown health issues, unexplained phobias will benefit the most from past life regression therapy.

Past Life Regression therapy also benefits one who always experiences bad luck or someone trying to figure out where his life is headed and how to make the journey worthwhile.

Digging into one’s negative experiences is not the only thing Past life regression therapy is concerned with.

Such therapy also helps individuals to recall happy moments in their past life which can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation to make their everyday life better.

Hypnotherapy and how it works:

Hypnotherapy Session

Hypnotherapy makes use of hypnosis to induce a hypnotic state whereby one is made to focus on his inner experiences while getting detached from external distractions in a bid to correct a psychological disorder or health condition.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

During a hypnotherapy session, the therapist guides the client to be induced into a hypnotic state (trance-like state) which helps him relax deeply and get his mind intensively focused on the problem to be tackled.

Hypnotherapy makes use of different techniques.

Techniques to use during hypnotherapy sessions:

  • Relaxation:- The hypnotherapist helps the client by guiding him to maintain peacefulness in a hypnotic state as he confronts his fears and negative issues.
  • Exploring the previous experiences:- This technique is to get the client to dig into his previous experiences that are in line with the problem he is to confront and talk about them.
  • Suggestion:- The hypnotherapist makes suggestions to the client that are geared towards helping him overcome the problem(s) he is facing.

Who needs hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy works for the following;

  • Dementia Symptoms
  • Chronic pain conditions
  • Childbirth pain, surgery or dental procedures.
  • Nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms

Relationship Therapy:

relationship therapy

Relationship therapy is used to confront relationship issues that spouses or closely attached partners face which could arise from emotional, communication, family problems.

Marriage counselling comes under this therapy.

Does marriage counselling really work?

Marriage counselling works though it is not guaranteed to save every relationship.

For it to work, both partners have to be fully involved in the process.

Marriage counselling can come before or after marriage.

The most important thing is that it helps to resolve relationship issues.

Relationship therapy helps with the following;

  • exploring relationship goals
  • defining relationship responsibilities
  • conflict resolution
  • communication skill
  • building trust
  • problem-solving strategies
  • anger management

working through challenges that effect relationship

Fertility Therapy;

Fertility Therapy

Fertility therapy comes into play for couples experiencing fertility issues as medical treatment may not be enough.

This therapy helps the couple maintain emotional balance, work through anxiety, worry.

During fertility therapy sessions, couples are encouraged to discuss options like artificial insemination, adoption, surrogate parenting, fertility treatments or even separation.

Above all, the sole aim of this fertility therapy is to help the partners involved maintain a stable mind throughout the challenging time.

Using the power of the different therapy discussed, and some other ones here make the Nishabd healing achievable.

Nishabd healing takes on different approaches to give a lasting solution to the affected.

What are the Nishabd healing different approaches?

Nishabd healing takes on different holistic approaches below to achieve a lasting solution.

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